No Fun Intended

“Ryan Todd, A London-based artist and designer, is fond of playing with expectations and reinventing idioms through bold, uncluttered graphics. Through his eyes we see the world turned on its head;  the inanimate object takes on human characteristics, a phrase is misinterpreted or taken literally, all with a gentle, family-friendly cheekiness. No Fun Intended, Todd’s first solo show, will feature original works, prints, and objects, all numbered and signed by the artist and available to buy. Show your sense of humour a good time at the Charlotte Road venue until 29th June. ”  – ART & CULTURE  by  HW

ryantoddkemistrygallery2                         ryantoddkemistrygallery3 ryantoddkemistrygallery4 ryantoddkemistrygallery5                                     ryantoddkemistrygallery6                    ryantoddkemistrygallery7 ryantoddkemistrygallery8 ryantoddkemistrygallery9




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