Kotwica = Anchor

“Kotwica / the Anchor was a World War II emblem of the Polish Underground State.
It was created in 1942. The P and W initials evolved into the Anchor (Kotwica) – a combination of the letters which was easy and fast to paint. The Kotwica began to signify more than just its intended abbreviation, taking on more meanings such as Polska Walcząca (“Fighting Poland”),Wojsko Polskie (“Polish Army”) and Powstanie Warszawskie (“Warsaw Uprising”).
Eventually, the Kotwica became a patriotic symbol of defiance against occupiers and was painted in a graffiti style on building walls…
    This symbol inspired me to create this poster.

Let’s call it a Velo Tribute to Warsaw Uprising Heros.”

by Mateusz Chmura


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